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    Thanks for your application, under review.
  2. Dear Vortexian, FrimbScape Players, It's been a while since Vortex has shut his door due to a corrupt and childish owner. I have the pleasure to announce you that the old Vortex is back, it's non-P2W game loading OSRS DATA and 525 Frame (Pre-eoc). What's Trident ? Trident is a new-name, because I've the feeling that we need a Fresh Start. - No More Global Donation Spam Message. - Trivia System re-worked. - Game isn't P2W Anymore - Reworked the Combat System. (Excluded Custom Items from Wildy) - Added all OSRS bosses. (Raid currently in work) - OSRS Items (Twisted Bow, G-Maul...) - Customs items are now only obtainable from Mystery Boxes. - 10$ Donator Scroll are Super Rare items which can be obtained by any Players anytime by killing Bosses. - Re-Done the website completely. (Theme, Forums, Store, Vote , Ticket Support System) and much more. Will you be able to claim back your old Donator rank? I do have the old Vortex logs, [Junes 2018 before it shut Down.], you'll be able to claim back your old rank. Also All players will obtain free donator rank at login untill the 1 May. Do you have a Discord? Yes we do, you can join by clicking here I hope that you'll enjoy the new server, Sincerely, Trident's team.
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    Trident Rules

    Official Server Rules The Trident rules are a set of general guidelines for everyone to follow. Punishments will fit the crime, in most cases you will be asked to appeal your actions before returning to the community. You will be removed if you are causing a negative impact regardless. Staff decisions are always final. For anything else that isn't noted on this list, that doesn't mean that it is allowed. Anything that a staff member considers worthy of a punishment will result in the punishment being decided by said staff member. If you see a player that is breaking a rule, please report them to a staff member. We do not tolerate, nor do we condone advertisements of any kind on our server (or if you're advertising us on another server). If you plan to promote us, do so in a non-malicious manner. YouTube advertisements, social media advertisements, anything that doesn't directly take people from one server to another. It should be common sense not to advertise another server on here and as such you will be permanently removed from the community if you decide to do so. Punishment: Permanent ban, Players that get scammed via 'trust trading' items or trading items expecting to get something in return is something that we do not punish, since it is down to common sense. Luring is allowed, as it comes down to a players own common sense in such a situation. However you are not allowed to do it over the official Trident CC or Yell. Any other types of scams are not allowed. This includes gaining wealth through dishonest and fraudulent methods. Players that get scammed via 'trust trading' items or trading items expecting to get something in return is something that we do not punish, since it is down to common sense. Multi-voting The act of using a VPN or similar to continuously claim vote tickets via voting is against the rules, as it not only puts players at a disadvantage, but voting toplist sites do not allow it. Players WILL have action taken against them if they have been found to be multi-voting. Punishment: 1st time - warning, 2nd time - removal of wealth/ban depending on severity. Please try to treat staff with the respect that they deserve. They donate their precious time into making sure that you guys have the most enjoyable experience possible. That being said, please listen to what they have to say. If they tell you to do something, do it. If they tell you not to do something, don't do it. Staff are hand picked by those of us who hold the highest positions on the server. They are a reflection of our judgement. If for whatever reason you are dissatisfied with a certain member of a staff, please post in the "Staff feedback" section. Everyone gets a say, we value your opinion. On a further note, as mentioned numerous times on this thread, staff decisions are final. This means that any of these rules may be subject to slight changes depending on the situation. IMPERSONATION Staff impersonation, or impersonating anyone on the server for that matter, is strictly forbidden. Any accounts associated with your IP (or hardware IDs) will be punished. You will most likely be warned at first, however any impersonations after that will be dealt with accordingly. Punishment: This will depend on the situation, and each situation will be dealt with in a manner deemed appropriate by a member of staff. REAL-WORLD TRADING We define this term as the action of selling Trident wealth or accounts for real life currencies, or for wealth on another game. For example, Old School RuneScape. It is strictly forbidden, and any accounts that we find that have taken part in such activities will be Permanently banned. By donating using OSGP, it allows us to sell that gold and invest that money back into server costs. Please note that we have lots of undercover sources, and it's actually surprisingly easy to catch players that partake in RWT activities. You are not to donate to another persons account and expect anything in return either, This can be classified as rwt as well and this also prevents you from possibly being scammed. Punishment: Permanent ban. Macro's or Botting Macroing (botting) is strictly against our rules. If a player is found to be using a bot or macroing software to cheat at Trident then they could face being permanently banned. Staff will decide on the consequences for the player depending on the severity of the situation. Punishment: Permanent ban / Jail depending on severity Under no circumstances is hacking of any kind tolerated. This includes but is not limited to trying to guess someone's password, tricking people into giving you sensitive information, or even the use of third party software to modify the client. We have an automatic system in place which will ban a user if they are deemed to be attempting to hack accounts. Punishment: You will be permanently banned from both the server and forums with no chance of appeal if you are caught doing any of this. We have a strict set of rules for alts here on Trident. We understand that some people like to make different accounts to experience the game in different ways and that is totally fine. But using alts to gain an unfair advantage is strictly prohibited. As such we have made it a rule that you are not allowed to have more than one account on the same clan, or in the Wilderness at the same time. You're allowed to have two separate alts on two separate clans, but they can't be interacting in anyway (see boosting). If there is a conflict between the two clans that you have alts in, then you must leave one of them. You cannot transfer wealth to an alt to avoid the stake limits, anyone found to be doing so will be punished. Punishment: This depends on the severity of the situation, but will most likely be in this order: 1st time - Warning, 2nd time - Temporary ban, 3rd time - Permanent ban Account Purchasing, You cannot buy other players items or account for RWT, It leads to scams, and will not be tolerated in any sort, let the risk be in your hands.
  4. Items X18 American torva legs X8 $10 scrolls X29 American whips X11 Rainbow ghostly swords X6 Glaiven boots X29 American pernix cowls X20 American torva helms X2 Ragefire boots X19 American torva bodys X6 Frost Spirit shields X6 Steadfast boots X29 American wings X4 $25 scrolls X6 Shadow bows X10 Egyptian Sword (G)'s X3 Ancient axes X3 Frosty Wings X25 American boots X5 Seismic Staff's X5 Special wings X9 Energy swords Loot from 250 Ultra Boxes NOTE: The X7 weird arrows = Golden miniguns - If its more than 1 it'll show up like that cause a model is over-riding it, which will be fixed, when u withdraw it, itll still appear as golden minigun in ur inv. ITEMS: X15 Purple Dimension Bows X17 Seismic staffs X15 Bloodshot camo whips X26 Rainbow bows X13 sick af mauls X12 Shadow brutal whips X7 Pink top hats X4 Sky torva platebody X7 Limey bows X7 Golden Miniguns X5 Sky torva wings X12 American whips X6 Illumination helms X4 Colorful helms X14 Icy katanas X28 Illumination Platelegs X18 Energy swords X13 White wings X4 Collector necklaces X14 Rainbow spirit shields X7 Colorful plates X8 Colorful scarfs X2 Sky torva gloves X1 Sky torva helm X10 Illumination platebodys X3 Sky torva platelegs X2 Colorful platelegs X1 Sky torva boots
  5. Gang

    Mystery Boxes

    Are Mystery Boxes worthwhile, or are they worthless like everyone thinks? Let's find out what they're worth! These are all 155 of my drops in order of attainment. Here are those items' high alch values. As you can see, the results are quite surprising! You can get 50m in an ordinary Mystery Box?!? Yes, yes you can! Let's do the math to calculate the approximate worth of a single box with the aggregate! 120646053 + 102473422 + 125265408 + 176797027 + 70105622 + 93308304 = 688,595,836 gp / 155 = 4,442,554 gp / box! How much are Mystery Boxes worth to you? Let me know in the comments! The first person to correctly guess all 5 locations in the Inventory Tab wins 2 Legendary Packages! The first person to correctly guess the approximate location, with an identifying marker and teleport, of each individual Inventory Tab wins a free Mystery Box! If your gamename is different from your forumname, leave your gamename in your comment! One guess per user, no exceptions. Guess all 5, or guess as many as you know. Good luck!
  6. Gang

    Donator Benefits

    Donator Benefits There are currently 5 levels of donator, Donator, Super Donator, Extreme Donator, Legendary Donator, and Uber Donator. This is a guide on how to obtain them and also what they do. Donator This is the regular donator, you need a total donated of $10 to unlock this rank (free currently). with this you get the following: 2.5% drop rate bonus. Increased loyalty points per hour received. Access to ::yell once per minute. Access to ::dzone. Access to Otherworldly beings at ::dzone. Super Donator This Donator rank is unlocked at $25 total donated, it has all the benefits of Donator plus: Even more loyalty points received per hour. ::yell timer is reduced. No Kill count required to enter boss rooms at God wars dungeon. Extreme Donator This donator rank is unlocked at $50 total donated, it has all the benefits of Donator and Super Donator plus: 5% drop rate bonus. Even more loyalty points per hour. ::yell timer is further reduced. Access to ::ezone. Access to Skavid in ::ezone. Legendary Donator This donator rank is unlocked at $125 total donated it has all the benefits of Donator, Super Donator and Extreme Donator plus: 7.5% drop rate bonus. Even more loyalty points per hour. ::yell timer is even further reduced. Access to ::lzone. Access to Mounted Terrorbird Gnomes. Access to holy water shop at ::lzone Access to ::holywaters (::hw) Access to Ice Warriors at ::holywaters (::hw) Uber Donator This donator rank is unlocked at $200 total donated it has all the benefits of Donator, Super Donator, Extreme Donator and Legendary Donator plus: 10% drop rate bonus. Maximum amount of loyalty points per hour possible. ::yell timer is removed, yell away. Ability to set a title using ::title (enter title) Access to ::uzone. Access to Unholy Cursebearers at ::uzone (Item cut off bottom: Toxic Staff Of The Dead x1)
  7. This is Trident, Trident will immerse you in the aquatic world of Runescape Play as an avatar to fight other players, kill overpowering creatures, find legendary armor and one day may be will get you the master cape of the game by confronting Poseidon god of 7 seas. Official Beta-Launch : 07/04/2019
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    Welcome to Pages

    Welcome to Pages! Pages extends your site with custom content management designed especially for communities. Create brand new sections of your community using features like blocks, databases and articles, pulling in data from other areas of your community. Create custom pages in your community using our drag'n'drop, WYSIWYG editor. Build blocks that pull in all kinds of data from throughout your community to create dynamic pages, or use one of the ready-made widgets we include with the Invision Community. View our Pages documentation