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  1. Forum Username: Daniel In-Game Username(If you have one): Daniel Timezone: UTC+2 Age: 19 Previous experience with ranks on forums (Do not mention other rsps names or links): Yes Average time spent on forums per day: all the time im playing, all from like 2h-6h. Have you had any breaks from the forums since joining: No Have you been given an infraction, banned or warned?: No If yes to the above, why: In a short paragraph, tell us why do you believe you deserve this rank: I like helping people and since im on pretty much all the time after school i think i would fit in well. If you received this rank, what is your job?: Friendly, respectful and helpful What 5 qualities are important to become a part of the Staff Team? 1. Friendly 2. Helpful 3. Positive 4. Help the server grow 5. Communicate with people If a player was spamming the Forums and repeatedly making accounts, What would you do? Give him a warning, if he doesnt listen then tell Gang about it i guess. If an ex staff member that was close with the other staff when they left the team was being toxic on the Forums, how would you handle it? Tell Gang. If a small group of members were posting other members Ip's, passwords and other personal information on Forums and the chat and you were unable to keep up with them, how would you handle the situation? IP ban them (if u can that as a normal staff)