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    Daniel's staff application

    This looks very rushed and no true dedication into actually thoroughly making this application ~ Will be under review. Pose.
  2. Pose

    Application format.

    This will be a standard Application format for anyone willing to be staff Forum Username: In-Game Username(If you have one): Timezone: Age: Previous experience with ranks on forums (Do not mention other rsps names or links): Average time spent on forums per day: Have you had any breaks from the forums since joining: Have you been given an infraction, banned or warned?: If yes to the above, why: In a short paragraph, tell us why do you believe you deserve this rank: If you received this rank, what is your job?: What 5 qualities are important to become a part of the Staff Team? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. If a player was spamming the Forums and repeatedly making accounts, What would you do? If an ex staff member that was close with the other staff when they left the team was being toxic on the Forums, how would you handle it? If a small group of members were posting other members Ip's, passwords and other personal information on Forums and the chat and you were unable to keep up with them, how would you handle the situation?
  3. Pose

    Starter Guide.

    Before we start this guide, I highly recommend that everyone reads the RULES before playing or downloading the server. Starting Client: To begin playing on the server you first need to download the Desktop Client. To get the client you will need to click the "Play Now" tab at the top of the page or click on "Download" in the middle and then click on "Jar", You will also need to have installed Java ( All versions of Java work ). All Players can use: ::vote - Opens up the Voting Page in your default browser ::donate - Opens up the Donation Page in your browser Or just look at the top of the client for a direct link to your destination ! Skilling: To start skilling just click onto your skilling tab then locate the skill you'd like to level, Then all you have to do is quite simple, Click a skill and you'll teleport to the correct location for that skill ! Yes that easy. Bossing/PVM/Combat: I suggest someone that is new to try these commands.::treespirits - this is a good way for just starting players to level up and gain some cash. ::starterzone - another way for new players to level up and gain some extra gear and money. ::train - is your normal Rock Crabs to level up also. ::boxzone - box zone provides myserty boxes and some items/gear for new players to enjoy pvming a lot easier with. ::event is also another place but on drop of some monster you will receive Ecto Tokens, these are currency for Event zone's shop to gain some nice cosmetics / Weapons.::boxzone gives you boxes, from these you get sparta gear (Better than purgatory) [250m a piece]::treespirits gives you noob godsword, if you prefer to grind these. Donators: Only users with the Donator rank or higher can use these commands below.::yell (message) - Sends a message in the yell channel that can be seen by everyone on the server ::Holywaters - Is a place to gain Holy water which is used as a currency for the boss teleport 2 ( Naza ) ::dzone - Teleport's you to the Donator Zone ::Ezone - Will teleport you to Extreme Donor zone ( if you acquire rank ) ::Uzone - Will teleport you to Uber Donor zone ( if you acquire rank ) Voting: Voting is highly beneficial to not only the server but also to you. Voting helps get the word out about the server and help the server gain more popularity and it only takes a short amount of time to vote and you can do it every 12 hours, If you have any issues with voting you can just ask someone from the staff list in game on either Discord or in game, and I'm positive they will try help you out. Equipment progress: Click your achievement in the achievements tab to check out its reward, they are very nice. Strange tokens from ::starterzone are used in the store to purchase a Noob Godsword (450 tokens). [Costing 500m on the trade system] Ecto tokens from ::event are used in the store to purchase a American Whip (2,000 tokens). [Costing 650m-1b on the trade system] After obtaining these weapons, the option of Armour comes available by killing the boss 'slash bash' found in your bossing tab. Slash bash drops purgatory gear, which is better in strength bonus than the starter gear, but not as good as sparta. To kill slash bash it is required you have at least 43+ prayer to protect from melee. Thank you for reading this Guide, I hope it helps you enjoy your stay much more!
  4. Pose

    Prayer guide.

    Firstly lets start with types of bones. Regular bones. Bury: 3,037 XP per Bone. Altar: 4,556 XP per Bone. Big bones. Bury: 6,009 XP per Bone. Altar: 9,014 XP per Bone. Baby Dragon Bones. Bury: 10,908 XP per Bone. Altar: 16,362 XP per Bone. Dragon Bones. Bury:19,621 XP per Bone. Altar: 29,431 XP per Bone. Frost Dragon Bones. Bury: 33,345 XP per Bone. Altar: 50,018 XP per Bone. These are some of the most common Bones in the game of Trident-PS, You can find regular bones almost everywhere, Big bones mostly from a casket and some NPC's, Baby Dragon Bones come from of course Baby Dragons, any color doesn't matter, Now Dragon bones drop from all types of Dragons except for Baby Dragons and Frost Dragons. Now Frost Dragon Bones come from the Frost Dragon itself, now most of these Dragons i'd recommend using a Dragon Fire Shield or Anti Fire shield for easy access to these bones. Curses can be accessed through the altar at ::home. Which can be found to the left of the bank, near where you can see a water a cooking icon on your minimap or at any ::ezone ::dzone ::uzone. A player can train the prayer skill many of different ways. For example a player can bury bones for some experience. but wait! there's more. There is an altar at ::home that you can use your bones on to gain a much larger gain of experience points per bone, it is possibly easier to get the max level of 99 by using Frost Dragon Bones on the altar rather than any other bone, but also Dragon Bones are also a very good way of xp gains. Thank you for reading the Guide, Hope this helps you make your goal of 99 easier!.