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    Commands list.

    These are commands used around the server, in-game. First up, are the miscellaneous commands. Call staff members for help - ::help Read the rules for the server - ::rules Claim a donation - ::checkdonate Check your your max hits - ::maxhits answer a trivia questions - ::answer (Answer here) Skulls you up for the wild - ::skull Clears your inventory into the ancient abyss - ::empty Votes for the server - ::vote Checks a drop of a npc - ::drop (npc name) Donator + Zone - ::dzone Extreme Donator + Zone - ::ezone Legendary Donator + Zone - ::lzone Uber Donator + Zone - ::uzone teleports you to a beginners area - ::starterzone An area with a thriving event - ::event Checks out general details of a players account - ::profile (account name) legendary donator + command, store is also in ::lzone and Nazastarools boss teleport - ::holywaters Takes you to the servers home - ::home Takes you to mighty edgevile - ::Edge Monster Teleports: White wolf - ::boxzone Wolf - ::starterzone Tree spirit - ::treespirits Otherworldy being - ::dzone Skavids - ::ezone Mounted Terrorbird gnomes \ Frost dragons \ Slash bash \ King black dragon \ Abyssal demons \ Ice knights \ dark beasts. - ::lzone Unholy Curse-bearer \ NazaStarOol - ::uzone Golem - ::golems Rock crabs - ::train Boss Commands: Glod - ::glod Planefreezer - ::planefreezer Lexicus Runewright - ::lexicus War (Medium, spawns every 10 minutes) - ::war Icy demons - ::icedemon Abyzou Heartwrencher (Group Boss) - ::wrencher Le'fosh the Brutal (Group Boss) - ::lefosh General Khazard (Group Boss) - ::arena Giant Moles - ::giantmoles Vet'ion - ::vetion Skeletal Horror - ::horror Zulrah - ::zulrah Bork (Group boss, spawns every 5 minutes) - ::bork Har'lakk The Riftsplitter - ::harlakk Group boss = More than one person gets the loot after the kill.
  2. Delicious

    Trivia Guide

    Push CTRL+F to bring up a search bar. Mainly for the new players who do not know how to answer or any of the answers. To answer any of the trivia question type ::answer. Trivia questions & Answers. What rank has a silver crown on Runescape? Moderator What rank has a golden crown on Runescape? Administrator What is the max exp. in a skill? 1b How much exp. do you need for level 99? 13M How much exp. do you need for Dungeonering level 120 on Runescape? 104M What is the largest state in the U.S.A? Alaska What city is the most populated city on earth? Tokyo What is the biggest manmade structure on earth? The Great Wall What is the strongest prayer on Runescape? Turmoil What Herblore level is required to make overloads on Runescape? 96 What attack level is required to wear Chaotic Melee weapons? 80 How many bones are there in an adult human body? 206 What is the deadliest insect on the planet? Mosquito What is the square root of 12 to the power of 2? 12 What is the color of a 10M money stack? Green What combat level is the almighty Jad? 702 What is the best Dungeonering armour? Primal How many brothers are there originally in Runescape? 6 Varrock is the capital of which kingdom? Misthalin What has four legs but can't walk? A table Which NPC is wearing a 2H-Sword and a Dragon SQ Shield? Vannaka What is the baby spider called? Spiderling In what year did it snow in the Sahara Desert? 1979 The more you take, the more you leave, who am I? Footsteps What do you receive when a fire disappears? Ashes What is the name of the new firecape (RS3)? TokHaar-Kal What is the name of the new firecape (OSRS)? Infernal Cape Which NPC Wields a 2 Handed sword and a Dragon Square Shield in the other hand? Vannaka Which food gives this message: You eat the blank. Yuck! It heals some health anyway. Cabbage How long does it take for an item to disappear if you drop it? (in seconds) 120 How much Constitution does a Pumpkin heal (RS3)? 140 How many Barrows Brothers are there? 6 What color of logs do you get if you use a blue firelighter on a log? Blue What ammo does the Crystal Bow use? None What level must you be to smith a Steel Scimitar? 35 Which area of the game is notorious for players dying within it, then complain about? Wilderness What level do you need to be to farm watermelon? 47 At what level can you purchase a skill cape at? 99 Of these, which requires the highest level to catch? Lobster, Herring, Salmon, Swordfish, Swordfish Who is the last boss in Recipe for Disaster? Culinaromancer Who is the owner of Trident? Gang Which skill does ranging go with most? Fletching How many bars do you need to make a platebody? 5 Trivia Anagrams Pls Say Trident Trident Say Noob123 Noob123 Lod is Owenam Wise old Man shan Hans Bail Trims Brimstail Arc O Line Caroline A Zen She Zenesha Ace Match Elm Cam the camel