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Trident, Fresh Start

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Dear Vortexian, FrimbScape Players,

It's been a while since Vortex has shut his door due to a corrupt and childish owner.
I have the pleasure to announce you that the old Vortex is back, it's non-P2W game loading OSRS DATA and 525 Frame (Pre-eoc).



What's Trident ?

Trident is a new-name, because I've the feeling that we need a Fresh Start.

- No More Global Donation Spam Message.
- Trivia System re-worked.
- Game isn't P2W Anymore
- Reworked the Combat System. (Excluded Custom Items from Wildy)
- Added all OSRS bosses. (Raid currently in work)
- OSRS Items (Twisted Bow, G-Maul...)
- Customs items are now only obtainable from Mystery Boxes.
- 10$ Donator Scroll are Super Rare items which can be obtained by any Players anytime by killing Bosses.
- Re-Done the website completely. (Theme, Forums, Store, Vote , Ticket Support System) and much more.


Will you be able to claim back your old Donator rank?

I do have the old Vortex logs, [Junes 2018 before it shut Down.], you'll be able to claim back your old rank.

Also All players will obtain free donator rank at login untill the 1 May.


Do you have a Discord?

Yes we do, you can join by clicking here

I hope that you'll enjoy the new server, 


Trident's team.

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