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Trivia Guide

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Push CTRL+F to bring up a search bar.


Mainly for the new players who do not know how to answer or any of the answers.

To answer any of the trivia question type ::answer.

Trivia questions & Answers. 

What rank has a silver crown on Runescape?  Moderator 
    What rank has a golden crown on Runescape?  Administrator 
        What is the max exp. in a skill?  1b 
        How much exp. do you need for level 99?  13M
        How much exp. do you need for Dungeonering level 120 on Runescape?  104M
        What is the largest state in the U.S.A?  Alaska
        What city is the most populated city on earth? Tokyo
        What is the biggest manmade structure on earth?  The Great Wall
        What is the strongest prayer on Runescape? Turmoil
        What Herblore level is required to make overloads on Runescape?  96
        What attack level is required to wear Chaotic Melee weapons?  80
        How many bones are there in an adult human body? 206 
        What is the deadliest insect on the planet?  Mosquito
        What is the square root of 12 to the power of 2?  12
        What is the color of a 10M money stack?  Green
        What combat level is the almighty Jad?  702
        What is the best Dungeonering armour?  Primal
        How many brothers are there originally in Runescape?  6
        Varrock is the capital of which kingdom?  Misthalin
        What has four legs but can't walk?  A table
        Which NPC is wearing a 2H-Sword and a Dragon SQ Shield?  Vannaka
        What is the baby spider called?  Spiderling
        In what year did it snow in the Sahara Desert?  1979
        The more you take, the more you leave, who am I?  Footsteps
        What do you receive when a fire disappears?  Ashes
        What is the name of the new firecape (RS3)?  TokHaar-Kal 
What is the name of the new firecape (OSRS)?  Infernal Cape

Which NPC Wields a 2 Handed sword and a Dragon Square Shield in the other hand?  Vannaka
        Which food gives this message: You eat the blank. Yuck! It heals some health anyway. Cabbage
        How long does it take for an item to disappear if you drop it? (in seconds)  120
        How much Constitution does a Pumpkin heal (RS3)?  140
        How many Barrows Brothers are there?  6
        What color of logs do you get if you use a blue firelighter on a log?  Blue
        What ammo does the Crystal Bow use?  None
        What level must you be to smith a Steel Scimitar?  35
        Which area of the game is notorious for players dying within it, then complain about?  Wilderness
        What level do you need to be to farm watermelon?  47
        At what level can you purchase a skill cape at?  99
        Of these, which requires the highest level to catch? Lobster, Herring, Salmon, Swordfish, Swordfish
        Who is the last boss in Recipe for Disaster?  Culinaromancer
        Who is the owner of Trident?  Gang
        Which skill does ranging go with most?   Fletching
        How many bars do you need to make a platebody?  5

Trivia Anagrams

Pls Say Trident                     Trident

Say Noob123                            Noob123

 Lod  is Owenam                              Wise old Man 

shan                                  Hans

         Bail Trims                                Brimstail         

       Arc O Line                                 Caroline          

A Zen She                                   Zenesha     

Ace Match Elm                                 Cam the camel 





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