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Commands list.

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These are commands used around the server, in-game.

First up, are the miscellaneous commands.

Call staff members for help - ::help
Read the rules for the server - ::rules
Claim a donation - ::checkdonate
Check your your max hits - ::maxhits
answer a trivia questions - ::answer (Answer here)
Skulls you up for the wild - ::skull
Clears your inventory into the ancient abyss - ::empty
Votes for the server - ::vote
Checks a drop of a npc - ::drop (npc name)
Donator + Zone - ::dzone
Extreme Donator + Zone - ::ezone 
Legendary Donator + Zone - ::lzone 
Uber Donator + Zone - ::uzone 
 teleports you to a beginners area - ::starterzone
An area with a thriving event - ::event
Checks out general details of a players account - ::profile (account name)
legendary donator + command, store is also in ::lzone and Nazastarools boss teleport -  ::holywaters
Takes you to the servers home - ::home
Takes you to mighty edgevile - ::Edge

Monster Teleports:

White wolf - ::boxzone
Wolf - ::starterzone
Tree spirit -  ::treespirits
Otherworldy being - ::dzone
Skavids - ::ezone
Mounted Terrorbird gnomes \ Frost dragons \ Slash bash \ King black dragon \ Abyssal demons \ Ice knights \ dark beasts. -
Unholy Curse-bearer \ NazaStarOol - ::uzone
Golem - ::golems
Rock crabs - ::train

Boss Commands:

Glod - ::glod 
Planefreezer - ::planefreezer 
Lexicus Runewright - ::lexicus 
War (Medium, spawns every 10 minutes) - ::war 
Icy demons - ::icedemon 
Abyzou Heartwrencher (Group Boss) - ::wrencher 
Le'fosh the Brutal (Group Boss) - ::lefosh 
General Khazard (Group Boss) - ::arena 
Giant Moles  - ::giantmoles 
Vet'ion  - ::vetion
Skeletal Horror - ::horror
Zulrah - ::zulrah
Bork (Group boss, spawns every 5 minutes) - ::bork
Har'lakk The Riftsplitter - ::harlakk

Group boss = More than one person gets the loot after the kill.

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