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Snieguolė Staff Application

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Forum Username:


In-Game Username ( If you have one )



Germany GMT +1


23 ( almost 24 )

Previous experience with ranks on forums (Do not mention other rsps names or links )

I was server support, moderator, community manager it many different servers in past 4 years. First time was pretty hard, because i met many different players, but with time i learned how to handle different situations and found solutions without punishing players.

Average time spent on forums per day:

8 - 12 hours

Have you had any breaks from the forums since joining:

No, i didn't

Have you been given an infraction, banned or warned?:


If yes to the above, why:


In a short paragraph, tell us why do you believe you deserve this rank:

I know pretty much everything about this server, can answer to all new / old players questions. I'm very helpful, friendly, communicating, if anyone need help, i never ignore. I think best about is, that i'm loyal to one server ( this one ) .

If you received this rank, what is your job?:

Make help cc clean from insults, racism or others negative talks. Help to new players ( or even to old players if they don't know something ) , obviously never ignore others if they need help.

What 5 qualities are important to become a part of the Staff Team?
1. Positive atitude
2. Loyality to server
3. Communication
4. Friendly
5. Helpful

I add little bit more ( if i can )

6. Never ignore players who need help

7. Do not abuse any bugs, issues

8. Do not abuse rank!

If a player was spamming the Forums and repeatedly making accounts, What would you do?

If player advertising - instantly ip mute / on forums ban ( and report to server owner )

if player spamming / insulting, raging in chat., i will give warning and try to solve a problem, if he won't listen i will give second warning, after 3rd warning will be mute. If he start making new accounts and do same thing, it will go to ip mute ( and will be reported to owner )

If an ex staff member that was close with the other staff when they left the team was being toxic on the Forums, how would you handle it?

First i will try to solve main problem, stay professional, keep them calm, but they will try to make others players quit, or start insulting owner / players, it will go to ip mute ( and will be reported to owner )

If a small group of members were posting other members Ip's, passwords and other personal information on Forums and the chat and you were unable to keep up with them, how would you handle the situation?

I will remove all posts with personal information from forum / in game they will be ip muted ( no warnings, not simple mute, but ip - mute, because post others members personal information is not allowed, and it's  not like rule breaking, it's almost a criminal. )

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