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Trident Rules

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Official Server Rules

The Trident rules are a set of general guidelines for everyone to follow. Punishments will fit the crime, in most cases you will be asked to appeal your actions before returning to the community. You will be removed if you are causing a negative impact regardless.

Staff decisions are always final.

For anything else that isn't noted on this list, that doesn't mean that it is allowed. Anything that a staff member considers worthy of a punishment will result in the punishment being decided by said staff member.

If you see a player that is breaking a rule, please report them to a staff member.

We do not tolerate, nor do we condone advertisements of any kind on our server (or if you're advertising us on another server). If you plan to promote us, do so in a non-malicious manner. YouTube advertisements, social media advertisements, anything that doesn't directly take people from one server to another.

It should be common sense not to advertise another server on here and as such you will be permanently removed from the community if you decide to do so.

Punishment: Permanent ban,

Players that get scammed via 'trust trading' items or trading items expecting to get something in return is something that we do not punish, since it is down to common sense. 


Luring is allowed, as it comes down to a players own common sense in such a situation. However you are not allowed to do it over the official Trident CC or Yell. Any other types of scams are not allowed. This includes gaining wealth through dishonest and fraudulent methods.

Players that get scammed via 'trust trading' items or trading items expecting to get something in return is something that we do not punish, since it is down to common sense.



The act of using a VPN or similar to continuously claim vote tickets via voting is against the rules, as it not only puts players at a disadvantage, but voting toplist sites do not allow it. Players WILL have action taken against them if they have been found to be multi-voting.

Punishment: 1st time - warning, 2nd time - removal of wealth/ban depending on severity.

Please try to treat staff with the respect that they deserve. They donate their precious time into making sure that you guys have the most enjoyable experience possible. That being said, please listen to what they have to say. If they tell you to do something, do it. If they tell you not to do something, don't do it.

Staff are hand picked by those of us who hold the highest positions on the server. They are a reflection of our judgement. If for whatever reason you are dissatisfied with a certain member of a staff, please post in the "Staff feedback" section. Everyone gets a say, we value your opinion. 

On a further note, as mentioned numerous times on this thread, staff decisions are final. This means that any of these rules may be subject to slight changes depending on the situation.



Staff impersonation, or impersonating anyone on the server for that matter, is strictly forbidden. Any accounts associated with your IP (or hardware IDs) will be punished. You will most likely be warned at first, however any impersonations after that will be dealt with accordingly. 

Punishment: This will depend on the situation, and each situation will be dealt with in a manner deemed appropriate by a member of staff.


We define this term as the action of selling Trident wealth or accounts for real life currencies, or for wealth on another game. For example, Old School RuneScape.

It is strictly forbidden, and any accounts that we find that have taken part in such activities will be Permanently banned. By donating using OSGP, it allows us to sell that gold and invest that money back into server costs.

Please note that we have lots of undercover sources, and it's actually surprisingly easy to catch players that partake in RWT activities.

You are not to donate to another persons account and expect anything in return either, This can be classified as rwt as well and this also prevents you from possibly being scammed.

Punishment: Permanent ban.


Macro's or Botting

Macroing (botting) is strictly against our rules. If a player is found to be using a bot or macroing software to cheat at Trident then they could face being permanently banned.

Staff will decide on the consequences for the player depending on the severity of the situation.

Punishment: Permanent ban / Jail depending on severity

Under no circumstances is hacking of any kind tolerated. This includes but is not limited to trying to guess someone's password, tricking people into giving you sensitive information, or even the use of third party software to modify the client.

We have an automatic system in place which will ban a user if they are deemed to be attempting to hack accounts.

Punishment: You will be permanently banned from both the server and forums with no chance of appeal if you are caught doing any of this.

We have a strict set of rules for alts here on Trident. We understand that some people like to make different accounts to experience the game in different ways and that is totally fine. But using alts to gain an unfair advantage is strictly prohibited. As such we have made it a rule that you are not allowed to have more than one account on the same clan, or in the Wilderness at the same time. You're allowed to have two separate alts on two separate clans, but they can't be interacting in anyway (see boosting). If there is a conflict between the two clans that you have alts in, then you must leave one of them. 

You cannot transfer wealth to an alt to avoid the stake limits, anyone found to be doing so will be punished.

Punishment: This depends on the severity of the situation, but will most likely be in this order: 1st time - Warning, 2nd time - Temporary ban, 3rd time - Permanent ban

Account Purchasing,
You cannot buy other players items or account for RWT, It leads to scams, and will not be tolerated in any sort, let the risk be in your hands.

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